How To Do Orbi voice setup

orbi voice setup

Orbi voice setup

Orbi voice setup for smart tri-band loudspeaker which comes alexa features which help users to control their Home smart devices such as smart switches using voice commands.Orbi voice setup can be completed easily by using Orbi app or Nighthawk app. In other words, Orbi app is primarly source which help clients to do the Orbi voice setup in a simpler way. By installing the Orbi App on the Mobile device, Users can initiate the orbi voice setup process in Orbi mode. However, to setup the orbi voice in extender mode, user’s need to use Nighthawk App. In the following Paragraphs, we have to provided guides for the orbi voice setup.

Easy steps for orbi voice setup

To set your Orbi Voice in Orbi mode, follow the given below steps:

  • Visit
  • Download the Netgear Orbi app on your mobile device.
  • Place your Orbi Voice near your Orbi router.
  • Note: You can move the Orbi Voice after the setup is complete.
  • Plug your Orbi Voice into a power source, but don’t connect your Orbi Voice.
  • When your Orbi Voice is on, press the power button to turn it off.
  • Change your Orbi Sound mode to Orbi mode:
  • Press and hold the Sync button on your Orbi Voice.
  • Press and hold the Sync button and press and hold the Power button (don’t release the Sync button).
  • Your Orbi’s voice will light up.
  • Wait for the flashing LED on your Orbi Voice to flash blue and white, then release the Sync button.
  • The following LED behavior occurs after you release the sync button:
  • Blinking white: your Orbi sound will switch to Orbi mode. The LED will flash white for a few minutes.
  • Solid white: Your Orbi Voice is in Orbi mode and ready to sync with your Orbi router.
  • Start the Netgear Orbi application. The dashboard is displayed.
  • Tap the home icon.
  • Touch Add Satellite.


Follow the instructions to sync your Orbi Voice with your Orbi router and add Amazon Alexa.

When your Orbi Voice is synced with your Orbi router, the LED ring on your Orbi Voice will be one of the following colors:
White: Your Orbi Voice is trying to connect to your Orbi router.

  • Blue, Yellow, or Magenta: These colors indicate the connection status between your Orbi Voice and your Orbi router:
  • Blue: good connection.
  • Amber: Honest relationship. Consider moving your Orbi Voice closer to your Orbi router. The LED will light amber for 3 minutes and then turn off.
  • Magenta: connection failed. Your Orbi Voice and Orbi router cannot connect. The LED turns purple and stays on. Move your Orbi Voice closer to your Orbi router and try again.

Off (no color): Your Orbi Voice is connected to your Orbi router.
After setup is complete, move your Orbi Voice to its final location.


Struggling with orbi voice setup using orbi mode ? 

  • Orbi mode is the default settings of router which help users to setup the orbi voice with the orbi router.
  • Moreover, users can also complete the setup of their orbi voice in extender mode if they don’t have an orbi router. 
  • Easy setup of orbi voice in orbi mode using Netgear Orbi app. 
  • Install Netgear orbi app on your Mobile Phone from the Netgear official site. 
  • Unbox the orbi voice and place in the close proximity of Orbi Router.
  • Note. Once you configured the orbi voice , you can move your device to desired location. 
  • Connect the power cable to the Orbi voice but make sure the power button on the orbi should be turned off. 
  • Before Setup, Orbi voice must be in orbi mode.   
  • Locate the sync button on your Orbi Voice, and then press and hold it.
  • While holding the sync button down, Push and release the turn on/off button on the Orbi Voice.  
  • Once your device powered up, Release the sync button once the Orbi voice’s LED start flashing blue and white.
  •   Flashing White. Orbi voice is applying settings to change in orbi mode.This process usually takes sometimes.
  •   Solid white. Orbi voice is ready to sync with your Orbi router in Orbi Mode.
  • Now, open the Netgear Orbi app dashboard and click the home icon.
  • Click ADD Satellite.
  • Go through the on-screen prompts to sync your Orbi voice with your Orbi router.
  • Once you successfully sync the Orbi voice with orbi router, the orbi voice ring light will display one of the following colours.
  • White. Orbi voice is trying to connect with the Orbi router.
  • Blue, magenta,or purple. These colours show the connection status between your orbi voice and orbi router.
  •   .Blue: Connection is good.
  •   .Magenta:Orbi voice and orbi router failed to connect. Try to sync both the devices again if the magenta light remains on it.
  •   .Amber: The connection is fair enough but try to move the orbi voice near to your Orbi Router.
  •   .No color: Orbi voice is connected with the orbi router 

Orbi Voice Flashing Yellow

Your orbi voice setup seems to be working fine but you still keep seeing the orbi voice flashing yellow color. Don’t worry, according to the Orbi Voice setup manual, the blinking and blinking yellow LED ring is related to Alexa functionality, not Orbi satellite operation:

Single yellow light burst: notification has arrived

Slow blinking yellow: You have unread notifications.

Blinking amber: an error has occurred.

Orbi Voice Firmware Update

Make sure your Orbi and Orbi Voice routers are updated with the latest firmware to manage your Orbi Voices via the Orbi router web interface. You can use the Orbi router web interface to check for new firmware and update the firmware for Orbi Voice, or you can update the firmware for Orbi Voice setup manually. To check for new firmware and update the Orbi Voice:

Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device connected to your Orbi network.


  • Enter A login window will open.
  • Enter the router administrator username and password. The username is admin. The password is what you enter when you first sign in. Username and password are case sensitive.
  • The BASIC homepage is displayed.
  • Select ADVANCED> Administration> Firmware Update. The firmware update page is displayed.
  • Click the Review button. The router is checking for new firmware for the router and Orbi Voice.
  • If new firmware is available, click the Update All button. The router finds and downloads the Orbi Voice router and firmware and initiates the update.


Note: To avoid the risk of firmware corruption, do not interrupt the upgrade.

Orbi Voice Not Connecting

On the off chance that you are facing the orbi voice not connecting error, then it might be because of the older orbi firmware that cannot connect properly to set up Alexa on your Orbi device or it requires to be reset to its factory default settings. So you can update the firmware manually or by following the steps that are given above.  To manually upgrade your firmware: 

  1. On a browser, type 
  2. Fill in the login details and click on ‘sign in’. 
  3. The basic homepage will appear on your screen.
  4. Select ‘advanced’ then ‘administration’ then ‘firmware update’ and lastly ‘manual update
  5. Tap on the ‘update’ button and the firmware window will appear.
  6. Enter the admin password in case the browser asks for it.
  7. Click on ‘browse’ and choose the file that you have downloaded. 
  8. The uploading process will take few minutes. 
  9. After Orbi Voice finishes the update, select Status and check the firmware version again on the status page.

Orbi Voice Rbs40 Setup

Your RBS40V Orbi Voice is set to Orbi mode by default and is only compatible with Orbi routers. However, to perform orbi voice rbs40 setup; 

  • Open a browser of your choice connected to orbi network
    Type in the URL bar 
  • Fill in the default username and password in the required fields.
    Once the basic homepage displays on the screen, select ‘Add Orbi Satellite’.
  • Once selected, follow the prompted instructions on your screen to access the orbi voice setup.

Orbi Voice Ac2200 Setup

To perform the Orbi Voice ac2200 setup process, given are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, visit orbi-app-com.
  • Download and install the orbi app on your device.
  • Place your orbi voice near to your router.
  • Connect it to a power source but do not switch it on. 
  • By pressing and holding the Sync button on your orbi voice change the mode to orbi mode. 
  • Once the LED lights up launch the orbi app. 
  • Under the ‘home’ icon, tap on ‘add satellite’.
  • Further, to sync your orbi router with orbi voice, follow the prompted instructions. 

Orbi Voice Alexa Not Working

To add the Alexa Voice Assistant feature to your Orbi Voice using the Orbi app:

  • Run the Netgear Orbi application
  • The dashboard is displayed.
  • Touch Voice Control
  • Tap Detail> Amazon Account.
  • Tap Sign in to Amazon.
  • Follow the prompted instructions for adding Amazon Alexa.

Orbi Voice Volume Not Working

You can control Orbi Voice settings such as equalizer (EQ) and volume with the Netgear Orbi app. To fix the orbi voice volume not working or to see the Orbi Voice settings follow the below steps:

  • Start the Netgear Orbi application. The dashboard is displayed.
  • Touch the Orbi router image on the dashboard. A network card is displayed.
  • Touch your Orbi voice. Information about your Orbi Voice will be displayed.
  • Tap ‘Controls.’
  • The Orbi Voice settings will be displayed.

How to Reset Orbi Voice

Sometimes users need to reset orbi voice satellite (RBS40V) to access the default subnet mask settings. In order to perform orbi voice reset, users have to use a paper clip to press the reset hole on the back of the orbi router until power light starts flashing Amber. The power led button is located at the rear panel of the orbi which will display solid green light once Orbi voice RBS40V reset is completed.