How Can Use Orbi Routers as Access Points? AP Mode

Orbi Router as Access Point or ap mode

Use Orbi Router as Access Point: AP Mode

 In order to do Orbi Routers as Access Points, user have to connect an ethernet cable with their router and open a browser either in  your computer or mobile phone and type in the address bar. After entering the address, you can see a login window. However if you have any error while doing the Orbi Routers as Access Points, Follow this guide properly 

In order to Use Orbi Router as Access Point, following points are mentioned.

  1. Connect the Internet port of your Orbi router to the LAN port of your existing router with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open a browser From a computer which is  linked to your Orbi network
  3. Type in the address bar and the login window will  appear on your screen.
  4. The admin username and password must be entered in the required fields.
  5. The default user name is admin, and the password is the one you set up during installation.
  6. Choose ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > Router / AP Mode
  7. When  AP Mode page see on your screen then opt the radio button for AP Mode
  8. Should choose setting for your IP address:
  9. Get a dynamic web router from an existing one. While this router is in AP mode, the other router on the network assigns it an IP address.
  10. Use a static IP address .While the router is in AP mode, use this setting to manually assign an IP address to it. This option takes considerable network knowledge to use properly.

If you are not able to use orbi router as an access point or AP Mode, Don’t worry, Feel Free and contact us our experts via chat, Our specialists team can provide you with solutions to your difficulties in a variety of simple steps as well as more complicated processes or If need, they will assign you a technician, and your error is solve within few minutes