Solve Orbi Purple Light and Magenta on Orbi router and satellite

How To Fix orbi Purple Light On Orbi Router magenta LED on Netgear Orbi Router and satellite

Orbi Purple Light – Meaning

Are you concerned about the purple light on the Orbi router and satellite or LED light flickering magenta on the Orbi Mesh system? This is the most usual  concern faced by Orbi customers. As a result, users are mostly confused about how to fix the orbi purple light issue because the Orbi routers upholds mesh wireless technology which often puzzles the Clients. 

Thus, Orbi advanced mesh technologies cause flashing magenta or purple light on Orbi systems but, here we will learn how to find the solution manually by using or login. 

Possible Reasons Behind: Orbi Router Purple Light

Why pulsing purple or magenta on Router: 

  • The ethernet cable is not properly connected to the WAN port. 
  • The modem or ISP is not able to assign the IP to the Orbi Router.
  • The Modem doesn’t have an internet which makes it difficult for the orbi system to get the proper connection. 

Pulsing Blue and magenta on Router: 

  •  Internet Connection  is obstructed due to Network Failure
  • Mainly  if Orbi Traffic Meter  is designed to restrict the  Internet traffic
  • iNcase, the household’s data usage has reached the configured limit.

Steps to fix Orbi Purple Light Error on Router

# Reset the Orbi Router to Fix Magenta or Purple Light 

  • Press the reset button and hold it for 10 seconds to reset the Orbi Router. 

orbi reset button for orbi purple light

  • Your Orbi will restore the factory defaults settings 
  • Once you release the reset button on your orbi

# Reboot the Modem : 

  • Try to unplug the power cable from the modem and the ethernet cable from the Orbi wan port.

  • Reboot your modem once so that the orbi router will easily get the required IP from the modem.

Possible Reasons Behind: Orbi Satellite Purple Light

Pulsing purple or magenta on Satellite: 

  • Initially the Orbi satellite’s Led light will flash magenta which indicates that the satellite is trying to configure with the Orbi router.
  • However, when the Orbi satellite keeps blinking magenta for some time  which means it is having a hard time to get the required IP from the main Orbi Unit or it the connection has been lost between the router and the satellite

Solid magenta and purple on Satellite: 

Orbi satellite ring Led will display a solid magenta when your satellite extender is not able to pick the  IP address from your Orbi router.

Steps to fix Orbi Purple Light Error on Satellite

  • Try to sync your satellite in a proper manner with your Orbi router.

How to Setup Orbi router and satellite?

  • Always try to place the Orbi satellite not far away from the main router.
  • Verify that the connected ethernet cables are not loose.

setup my

  • In situations where you still see the purple light despite the fact the cables are properly plugged
  • Unplug the power cable from the Orbi satellite and dismantle the ethernet cables. 
  • Once done, wait for 5 minutes
  • Then power up orbi system and connect the cables again
  • If required, Reboot the modem as well to solve Orbi purple light

Conclusion : Orbi Purple Light shows the internet connection from the orbi has been lost for the time being. It usually happens when the internet service drops down, or your modem fails to communicate with Orbi Router. If you are still facing any errors please Chat with experts.