[Solved] Orbi blinking white or Orbi White light error


Reason why your Orbi Blinking white light or orbi white light continuously?


  • Is your Orbi router or satellite continuously Orbi pulsing white or Orbi blinking white error?
  • Don’t worry if you are confused about Netgear Orbi flashing white light as you are not the only one facing this issue.
  • This guide will explain to you the meaning of Orbi routers blinking white light or orbi white light.
  • Most of the time, the Orbi device works perfectly fine.
  • Sometimes, users can come across Orbi blinking white light.
  • If you are also affected by the Orbi flashing white light then here’s how to get the issue resolve in a few minutes. Let’s get under way.
  • Orbi router and satellite come with a ring LED that tells a user what is happening with it by showing different colours.
  • If your Orbi satellite flashes white then it could either due to a number of reasons.


However, two major reasons for Orbi satellite pulsing white light are-

  1. Your Orbi router firmware is been updated
  2. The Orbi device is in the reboot phase.

If your Orbi router can’t stop flashing white light even after updating its firmware or completing the hard reset option then it means there is some issue. 

Whatever the reason is behind the Orbi router blinking white light, the following given troubleshooting steps will help you resolve it. 

Methods to fix Orbi flashing white light

Can’t get rid of orbi satellite pulsing white light or orbi white light? Need not to worry anymore!

Follow these below-given steps and fix the Netgear orbi flashing white light.

Method 1- Power cycling orbi router and Orbi satellite


  • If your orbi can’t stop blinking white light or orbi white light even after you have waited for a few minutes then you can perform the reboot process.
  • You should consider unplugging your orbi satellite and orbi router from the electrical outlet for a few minutes.
  • Keep it unplugged for at least 5 minutes.
  • After that, you can plug the orbi device back into its wall socket.
  • Now, check if still your orbi blinking white or not.

Method 2- Check the cable connection


  • Make sure your orbi router is securely connected to the modem with an Ethernet cable.
  • The Ethernet cable that you’re using should not be damaged or defected.
  • You can replace the cable and check if that solves the problem or not.
  • Also, make sure your orbi device is properly receiving the power supply.
  • Change the wall outlet and check if orbi satellite is blinking white or not.

Method 3- Place your orbi device someplace else


  • Sometimes, your orbi device can get interfered by the third party wifi devices.
  • So, to fix the orbi router flashing white light or orbi white light, you should consider changing its location.
  • Keep it away from other wifi devices.
  • Apart from that, you need to check that the power port that you’re using to plug the Orbi device is shock proof.

Method 4- Change the login details

  • If you have not changed the default orbilogin credentials.
  • Then there are chances that someone else is using our orbi wifi network and making the changes.
  • Heaving traffic on your orbi wifi network might pull out big issues due to which your device is blinking white light.
  • Therefore, it is recommended to change the default login credentials to keep your orbi network protected from hackers.

Method 5- Reset your orbi router

  • If none of the steps helps to fix the orbi satellite flashing white or white light, you can reset the device back to its default settings.
  • Here’s how to do it.
  • Take a pointed sharp object and look for the reset button on the orbi device
  • Use the sharp device to press the reset button for a while.
  • Once your device is done rebooting, check if you still see a flashing white light.

Advanced technique to fix orbi blinking white


If you are still not able to fix the Netgear orbi flashing white light even after trying the above given steps then you may need expert’s help. You can reach out to our in house technical team and get their help to fix the orbi satellite flashing white light. Give us a call on our helpline number.