[Solved] Orbi orange light error or Orange Light on Orbi

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Getting solid orange light on your Orbi router? Want to know what Orbi satellite orange light means? Stick to the guide and find an answer to your query ‘what is causing Netgear Orbi orange light’. 

Being a new user it becomes extremely difficult to understand the behavior pattern of the Netgear Orbi router and satellite. Therefore, we bring this guide for you to make things easier so that you can get done with the Orbi router set up in no time. Further, we have discussed the orange Orbi light and how you can solve technical and some non-technical issues with your Netgear Orbi device.

Orbi orange light- Possible Reasons

If you are seeing solid amber or orange light Orbi it means that the connection between your Orbi router and satellite is fair. You will see solid amber or orange light on the Orbi router for about 90-180 seconds. 

If you see pulsing amber or orange light on the Netgear Orbi router then it means there is some issue with your Orbi device you may need to reset it to the default settings.

Here are some possible reasons due to which you may see Orbi satellite orange light. 

  1. Place your Orbi satellite and Orbi router in close proximity; they should be in the same room.

  2. Connect your Orbi router and Netgear satellite to a power source. Wait for the bottom LED on the Orbi satellite to get stable white. The LED will pulse white for a while and then get solid white which means you can sync the Orbi router and satellite.

  3. Press the sync button on the back of your Orbi satellite for about 5 seconds and within 2 minutes press the sync button on the Orbi router.

  4. Wait for a few minutes to sync the satellite with the Orbi router. It might take up to 5 minutes.

  5. After that, the bottom LED of the Orbi satellite will get solid blue or solid amber/ orange.

  6. If the LED is solid blue, the connection is good and you’re good to go. But if there’s solid orange or amber light, you can move the satellite closer to a router to make a connection more strong.

  7. Once done, move and take your Orbi satellite to a new location and connect it to a power source. 

Orbi orange light

  • The bottom LED of the Orbi satellite is solid amber or orange for about 90-120 seconds.

  • The connection between the Orbi router and satellite is fair.

  • Consider placing the Orbi satellite more close to the Orbi router.

  • Contact our technicians, for more advanced steps.


Easy Method to Fix Stable Orange Orbi Light 

If you see solid Netgear Orbi orange light while attempting to sync Orbi satellite to Orbi router, you might need to consider moving the devices closer. You may need to plug the Orbi satellite in an electrical outlet that is more close to the Orbi router. Once that is done, you will see that the orange light on Orbi satellite is gone and replaced by solid blue light.

Pulsing orange light on Orbi device power button

If you see pulsing amber or Orbi light on the power button LED of the Orbi router or Orbi satellite then it means there is some issue with your device, you may need to reset the device to the factory default settings. If you don’t know how to do a reset on your Orbi wifi system, read the following mentioned steps and perform them carefully-

  • You may require a sharp object such as a paper clip or needle to perform the reset process on Orbi wifi system.

  • Make sure your Orbi device is not turned off when you attempt this process.

  • Locate the tiny reset button on the back or bottom of your Orbi device.

  • Press the button using the needle for a few seconds and then release it after a while.

  • Once your device is reset to default settings, configure your Orbi router by going to the orbilogin.net web page.

  • Finally, re-attempt to sync the Orbi router with the Orbi satellite.

Advanced technique to fix Netgear Orbi orange light

If the steps given above are not clear or you are still not able to fix the orange light Orbi, you can contact our in-house technicians. Our technicians will help you resolve the Orbi orange light in no time. Reach out to our team by calling on our helpline number or by doing a live chat with us.


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