How To Fix Purple Light On Orbi Router?

Are you frustrated to see purple light on Orbi router or magenta LED light flashing on Orbi WiFi system? It is one of the most common issues faced by Orbi users. The Orbi WiFi router supports mesh wifi wireless technology due to which most of the users get confused on how to resolve the glitch on Orbi wifi router. Which causes blinking magenta or purple light on Orbi router and how to solve manually using or login. 

Users may even come through the error or not working error, but these errors are not major ones. If you are facing Orbi router magenta on app or Orbi router flashing purple light error, you can resolve it on your own by following the instructions.

Orbi Router Flashing Purple Light- Possible Reasons

Are you getting to see a blinking purple light on Orbi router? Let us tell you that Orbi router LED magenta  error can occur due to a number of reasons. 

The most common reason for purple LEDs on Orbi routers is network error on your device. 


Here are some of the possible reasons due to which you see purple or magenta light on Orbi router.

Orbi Router Flashing Purple Light- Possible Reasons

  1. Purple or magenta LED can light up due to the most common reason i.e. internet network issue.

  2. The main reason behind Orbi router magenta light is Orbi router fails to sync with satellite. 

  3. Internet wiring or fiber cable has some sort of wear and tear.

  4. Your Orbi wifi router has come through multiple issues and it is running some system diagnosting processes.

  5. Magenta LED on Orbi router may even come if there is some issue in the internet connectivity from the end of your internet service provider.

  6. The RJ45 ethernet cable is not inserted firmly into the WLAN port of your Orbi wifi router.

  7. You may see Orbi router flashing purple light if there are some changes in the configuration of the wireless router.

  8. Even longer hours of inactivity or idle wireless network make you encounter these types of issues.

  9. Crashed or obsolete firmware  also play a considerable role in preventing you from using the wireless network of the Orbi wifi router.

  10. Your Orbi wifi router may be having some infected files that probably get inside its system when you download the firmware from an untrusted or unsecure website.

  11. Viruses and malwares can also incapacitate your Orbi wifi system from functioning in a normal way.

  12. Maybe the Orbi wifi router you are having has come through some serious defect. You may want to get it replaced from the manufacturer or retailer from whom you bought the Orbi wifi system.

Orbi Router Blinking Purple And Magenta Light - Troubleshooting


  • Reboot your Orbi wifi router in the first place. 
  • Turn off the electricity supply and wait for approximately 20 seconds before turning on. 
  • Now, turn on the Orbi wifi router and wait while it gets stable.

Check Connected Devices:

  • All you have to do is, have a wireless device i.e. computer or mobile or tablet that should be connected to the wireless network of your Orbi wifi router.
  • There are certain technical instructions that you need to follow carefully. 
  • If you mistake somewhere while attempting to modify the changes and resolving the glitch, you may come across a major technical issue.

WAN Configure Issue

  • You may be facing maroon or pulsing purple light on Orbi router due to the WAN port connection not linked or down.
  • Orbi router unable to recognise IP address, doesn’t connect to server. Showing not working error. 

If constantly seeing blinking magenta light It indicates that there is some technical glitch causes connection disturbes internet and orbi router/modem.

Contact ISP


  • Orbi shows purple light, maybe due to lost internet connection.
  • Do check your internet service provider.
Contact ISP if getting purple light on orbi router

Fix Mageta LED On Orbi Router

  1. When you see an Orbi router flashing purple light, make sure there are no loose connections.
  2. If you are seeing the magenta light on Orbi router, it means your Orbi router fails to sync with satellite. 

Note: Make sure the satellite and Orbi router are in close proximity to each other.

  1. Please ensure that the ethernet cable is firmly plugged into the respective ports.
  2. Be sure the adapter is attached to the Orbi wifi router properly. In case you are using a third-party adapter for your router, ensure that its output is the same as that of the original one.
  3. If all the wires and cables are connected firmly, turn OFF of your Orbi wifi router and disconnect each one of them.
  4. Make sure you wait for 20 seconds before turning your Orbi wifi router ON.
  5. Check to ensure there is a cat5e wire from your web modem and your Orbi WAN port. 
  6. Turn off all cables and wires, switch off Netgear Orbi router for a moment. It may turn flashing purple light to white. 
  7. Now, switch the internet orbi router or modem back. And now you have to wait. During this time it will boot. 
  8. After, when the status ‘fully booted’ on Orbi router.

If you see magenta light on the Orbi  router still, go for the Orbi router reset. The Orbi router reset instructions are given in the next section.

Pulsing Purple LED On Orbi Router - Advanced Steps

If after following above mentioned steps still getting purple light on Netgear orbi router. Then you must try advanced steps:

Reset Orbi Router To Fix Magenta or Purple Light on Orbi

Reset Orbi Router To Fix Magenta or Purple Light on Orbi
  • To Factory reset Orbi wireless router, locate the reset/push button at the bottom of your WiFi system.
  • You may need a needle or any other sharp object in order to press the push button.
  • Press and hold the reset button on your Orbi wifi router for around 10 seconds. 
  • Release the reset button on your Orbi router and wait while your Orbi wifi system restores factory default settings.
  • Be sure you do not turn off the Orbi wifi device when it is attempting to reset its settings.
  • Once the Orbi wifi router restores the original factory default settings, try again to sync Orbi router to satellite.

Update Orbi Router Firmware

Outdated or corrupted firmware also creates issues. And may interrupt internet connection. Which may result in Orbi showing purple light.

Update Orbi Router Firmware may causes pulsing purple LED on Netgear Orbi router

  • Login or to access orbilogin admin page. 

  • Check for firmware updates, Click on it and follow instructions to upgrade orbi router firmware.

  • Or if not working, then do download orbi firmware from a reliable source.

  • Install updated firmware files, then upload on orbi login portal. 

  • After typing or on web browser.

  • For more descriptive instructions, follow orbi router firmware failed issue.

Incomplete Orbi router setup

Incomplete Orbi router setup​ results on flashing purple light on orbi router

If you are done, incomplete or missing settings of Netgear orbi router. It causes LED blinks purple light.

  • Ensure all the connected networks are properly done.

  • No loose wires are there.

  • No missing information on orbi login page.

Refer guide: How to setup orbi router? To properly set up Netgear Orbi router, manually or using admin.

This was all about the Orbi router LED magenta light. We hope you got to know how to troubleshoot the Orbi router flashing purple light or magenta light. In case you come across any issue while attempting to configure or troubleshoot the device, feel free to reach out to use. 

Our technical experts will analyze your issue and get back to you with a proper solution to resolve the issue.