How to setup Orbi rbr50 router? | Orbi Router Setup

Orbi router setup manually or using or admin login. Orbi rbr50 setup can be done using user manual or cd which is provided with welcome kit. If you have lost cd or doesn’t understand manual guide. Read this guide to learn how to Netgear Orbi router setup

To install and setup Netgear Orbi RBR50 wifi router, you only need to learn a few things. Once you are done with the learning, you can perform the task to install Netgear Orbi RBR50 without any fuss.

The process to Orbi router setup becomes easy with the help of or website.

Orbi Router Setup Orbi rbr50​

If you can’t reach the Orbi router RBR50 login page using, use the default IP address

This guide discusses some of the easy steps to help you install and setup Orbi router. We recommend you to avoid performing the task of setting up a Netgear Orbi router on your own if you don’t want to go through the complexity. 

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Netgear Orbi RBR50 Setup

This section will walk you through the Netgear Orbi router setup. Make sure you do not miss any step while attempting to set up Netgear Orbi router. 

Here are the instructions to setup Orbi router easily.

1. Physical Installation And Setup Orbi Router

setup and physical installation Orbi router
  • Unplug your existing DSL modem from the power socket and leave it powered OFF.
  • Now, look for the Ethernet cable inside your Orbi wifi router box.
  • Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the modem and another end into the Netgear Orbi RBR50 wifi router.
  • Attach the power cord to your Orbi and plug it into the power socket. Make sure the power LED light turns green. If it does not turn green, make sure you have powered on the device. Press the power On/Off button.
  • Let the Orbi wifi router’s ring LED light turn white.

2. Orbi Satellite Placement And Position

Orbi satellite placement​ and position to orbi router setup
  • The placement of your Orbi wifi satellite needs to be in the middle of your house in order to get the best wireless network coverage.
  • Connect the Orbi wifi satellite to the power source using a power adapter which is supplied with the box.
  • Press the power on/off button on your Orbi wifi satellite and let the LED turn while and then magenta.
  • You may need to wait for a minute while the ring light on the Orbi satellite turns magenta.

3. Syncing Orbi To Satellite

Syncing Orbi to satellite​ - Orbi router setup steps
  • Once the LED light on your Orbi wifi satellite turns magenta, it lights below mentioned colors for about 10 seconds and then switches OFF.
  • Blue – The connection between your Orbi wifi satellite and router is good.
  • Amber – The connection between your Orbi router and satellite is fair but you should consider moving your Orbi wifi router near to the Orbi satellite.
  • When the Orbi wifi router syncs with the Orbi wifi satellite, the LED light turns white.
  • For advanced steps read how to sync orbi router to satellite

4. Internet connection

Setting up Internet connection​ with orbi router
  • In this step, we will walk you through the instructions to connection your devices to the internet.
  • Connect your computer or laptop or mobile device to the Orbi wifi router or Orbi wifi satellite using a wireless connection or an Ethernet connection.
  • To connect with Orbi wifi network, look for the Wifi SSID and enter the password. 
  • The password is written on the wireless card given at the bottom of the Orbi wifi router.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the internet easily.

Reset Orbi router - To Fix Orbi Router Error orbiRBR50

Resetting the Orbi wifi router is very easy and less time-taking. Make sure you reset Orbi wifi router only when you come across any major issue or error. Please do not reset your device if you are not facing a major issue. When you reset your Orbi router, all the wireless logs, local passwords, saved data, etc get erased from the device and you would need to reconfigure your device.

There are mainly two ways through which you can restore factory default settings of your Orbi wifi router.

  1. Hard Reset
  2. Soft reset

Hard Reset Orbi WiFi Router

Hard reset Orbi router
  1. To hard reset the Orbi wifi router, locate the reset/push button on your Orbi wifi router or satellite.
  2. The reset button sits little inside the frame of the Orbi device.
  3. Take a pen or a needle in order to press the push button.
  4. Press the push button and hold for 10 seconds.
  5. You will see the LED lights flashing rapidly.
  6. Your Orbi wifi router will attempt to restore its factory default settings.

Soft Reset Orbi router

Soft reset Orbi router​
  1. Soft reset method is done via Orbi GUI or
  2. The is the default web address that lets you get inside the device.
  3. Enter the default address or into the address bar of the browser.
  4. Note: If Orbi login GUI is not connecting to server and gives ‘site not found’ error. Read guide not working error
  5. Hit enter and you will see the login page on your screen.
  6. Enter the login details if you are prompted to. 
  7. You would require to enter the username and password of your device.
  8. Click Login and you will see the Orbi wifi router homepage. Look for the Advanced option on the page.
  9. Click the Advanced tab and then go to the Administration page.
  10. Locate the Reset button and click it. It may take about 2 minutes to restore the factory default settings.
  11. Once the device restarts after the reset process, reconfigure the device if needed.

So this was all about the Orbi wifi router and Orbi wifi satellite. We discussed how to setup Orbi wifi router and sync it with the Orbi satellite. 

If you come across any issue while setting up Orbi wifi router or satellite, feel free to call us on our 24/7 toll-free number and our technical experts will help you fix your issue.